About Thabor Therapeutics

Our approach is to target the first stress signal coming from the epithelium in the context of mucosal inflammatory disorders (MIDs). Doing so, we reinstate epithelial homeostasis by preventing inflammation, fibrosis and disruption of epithelial integrity. We also bring safety to patients as our approach is not immunosuppressive.

Revolutionizing the treatment of mucosal inflammatory diseases

For decades, therapeutic innovation of mucosal inflammatory diseases (e.g. inflammatory bowell diseases, idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis) has been focused on the modulation of the immune system, with no major breakthrough since the emergence of anti-TNF therapies 25 years ago. Thabor Therapeutics revisits the pathophysiology of these diseases by refocusing on the epithelium, the key interface ensuring dynamic crosstalk between the host immune system and external environment.

Through our unique understanding of epithelium biology, we are building a pipeline of first-in-class tailored drugs to reinstate epithelial homeostasis and bring paradigm shifting therapies of mucosal inflammatory disorders.

Thabor Therapeutics assembled a seasoned team committed to success

In order to deliver game-changing treatments of mucosal inflammatory diseases, the company is constituted of:

  • A seasoned management team with extensive experience in biopharma/biotech industry,
  • A world class scientific advisory board composed of key opinion leaders in the field of epithelium biology and inflammatory bowel diseases (IBD),
  • Top-notch lab and facilities thanks to a collaboration with INSERM, access to state-of-the-art technologies as well as biorepositories,
  • Appropriate financial support of AdBio Partners, an experienced venture capital firm investing in early-stage European life sciences companies,
  • French Government operated grants to foster its R&D programs.